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Words from the Director

Our Directors' is a unique combination of the contrasting and diversifying backgrounds yet sharing the one and the only aim and goal of providing the best possible education to the pupils. Sri Challa Dharma Reddy is a class one contractor and a popular leading politician among the public of the Parkal Constituency with a proven track of high quality entrepreneurship. Sri Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu is an engineering graduate, who developed a passion for teaching very early in his life and became a very reputed teacher of mathematics in the Tri Cities. He has been the mentor of Greenwood High School from its very inception. He undertakes the responsibility of the supervising the administrative and academic activities of the school. As the school grew and developed his role evolved.

Director Message
Dear Parents

With humble respect I pray you to let me share some of my experiences and views with you.

I took up peer teaching when I was a student in Guntur and that inspired me to become a teacher and educationalist at Trivi High School soon after my graduation in Computer Engineering, refraining from the lucrative software employment opportunities abroad.

As one of the founders and the Academic Coordinator at Trivi, I played a pivotal role in its prosperity and was right behind its name and fame. Then I realized the fact that a school should be a Light House that radiates brilliance of knowledge in which the pupils should immerse and reflect that brilliance ever after.

With this realization in association with Sri Challa Dharma Reddy I established Greenwood High School, which in a very short time transformed itself into the most sought after Residential School in my care and guidance with an enviable strength of 1500 students providing secured employment for over 160 teachers and other supporting staff.

My experience as a teacher and an educationalist and the fine rapport I had with students helped me evolve the unique Greenwood System of Education that makes every child a proactive thinker, a noble gift to the world and a torch bearer for generations to come.

Enthused and spirited by your support and blessings we wish to gift the denizens of the Tri Cities a Day School that brings in a comprehensive development of the pupils and fills in them the most desired humane feelings.

All good schools have excellent facilities but only at Greenwood one can find these in a unique environment that best suites the education. This is so because Greenwood recognizes the need to mould our young generation to the new realities of the world challenges.

I hope that all of you will want to be a part of this community and to be a part of the vision which we all share at Greenwood. Ever in the pursuit of your child's progress....

Bharadwaja Naidu