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The Greenwood School is a full boarding school for boys and girls and not simply a school which welcomes boarders. The school’s beautiful eleven acre campus with a vast range of flora, fauna and bird life provides all boys & girls with ample green space and fresh air where they are able to live and learn. It is an environment rarely offered by schools in large and small cities in India. All children are able to seek advice from the teaching staff, the Wellness Centre and the school counselor living on the school campus throughout the seven day week. Children discover that they have much more time to study and pursue their wider interests. There is no waste of travelling time to learn Sport, Art, Music, Drama and there are benefits from Careers Guidance as well as other necessary university and college entrance preparation.


One of the primary concerns of the Institution since its inception is the provision of the amenities and convenience that are to be given for the students in the dormitories. It has been earnest endeavour to make their stay in the dormitory 'a home away from home', where the chlidern are provided with not only a homely ambience but also with opportunities to enhance creativity and learning.
Separate dormitories are provided for the sub junior (4 ,5,6) junior (7&8), and senior (9 & 10 ) boys and girls so that children grow up among their own peers and among the same age groups.

The dormitories are kept clean and tidy at all times and this work is done when the children are in the classrooms. At any time of the day and on any day. Fumigation is done frequently and the Resident Doctor, Nurse, Teachers, Counsellors and the Coordinators pay visits to the dormitories at least once in a day to maintain the cleanliness standards of the dorms, and to ensure that everything is well with the students.

House Events

The house system also forms the basis for a healthy and friendly competition and students eagerly volunteer to represent their house in a wide variety of events across the year. Deciding which house will win the overall championship each year is a great focus for all the students.

House Events are both sporting and non-sporting. In sport house events take place for all age groups and both genders in: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Tennis.

Oftenly we conduct competitions in elocution, Debate and Quiz.

These events are constantly reviewed and the school is always looking to expand.